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COVID-19 Response and Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and compounded the real inequities that many people in our district face every day. Seniors, people of color, immigrants and refugees, Indigenous people, LGBTQ, persons with disabilities, single-mother-led households, and children disproportionately bear the burden. We need to remember that the foundation of our economy is people – not the stock market or corporate profits. I will champion:

  • Ensuring the necessary supportive services: This pandemic has shown that a job loss or health crisis can happen to any of us. Our state must invest in supportive services rooted in trust and dignity to keep people safe, housed, and able to meet their basic needs. 

  • Recognizing essential workers with direct support: We have to build policies, such as disaster pay and a Worker Relief Fund for essential workers who cannot access unemployment benefits.

  • Protecting small businesses: We must ensure local businesses have the support they need, such as loan guarantees, to weather this economic crisis.

  • Strengthening protections to keep people housed: This includes a moratorium on evictions and foreclosure relief and mitigation during this pandemic.

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