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Educational Opportunity

The rich diversity of our district requires fully funding K-12 education that ensures all our kids can succeed in school, work, and life. It also means our young people have the resources to make post-secondary education a reality without being saddled by debt. I will champion:

  • Fully funding K-12 education: To address inequities in our K-12 education system, we must work for equitable funding that adequately accounts for the success of diverse learners.

  • Integrating trauma-informed care training: We need to shift our systems of discipline to be centered in the needs of diverse students and work to eliminate penalties that disproportionately harm students of color and students with disabilities.

  • Supporting teachers: We must continue to advocate for livable wages for our teachers. And, we must ensure education-to-career pathways for more teachers of color to serve in our diverse school districts.

  • Investing in affordable post-secondary pathways: We can build upon recent legislative actions to make college affordable and accessible for all students. We can also expand investment in trade, certificate, and apprentice programs to prepare young people for jobs in high demand fields.

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