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Promoting Health and Well-being

There is nothing more critical than the health and well-being of our loved ones and families. For too many of us, however, a health crisis can quickly become a financial catastrophe. I have led state-level efforts to understand the state of our health and obstacles and to direct investment in our social safety net and behavioral health programs. As your state representative, I will prioritize and promote the physical and mental health of everyone in our communities. I will champion:

  • Improving access to quality, affordable healthcare: Everyone in our community deserves access to physical and mental healthcare, as well as dental care. I will work to ensure people receive the care they need to endure this pandemic and thrive beyond it.

  • Investing in services for mental health and substance abuse: Our mental health system needs to be built on care, dignity, and equitable access. And, we need trauma-informed care to be the foundation of our social service, educational, and law enforcement systems.

  • Ensuring our social safety net works for everyone: This pandemic has underscored the need for investment in our social safety net. I will work to make sure we have supportive services that honor people's dignity, keeping them safe, housed, and able to meet their basic needs.

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