When we have more voices like you and me at the table, we have more of an opportunity to effect change.

Immigrating to this country at 12, I know how it feels to be marginalized. Becoming a single mother at 19, I know what it’s like struggling to make ends meet. Serving people whose shoes I’ve walked in and our community for 20 years, I understand the real and systemic barriers to opportunity.


I want to serve as your state representative to create opportunity for you, me, and everyone in the 37th district.

Your Hopes Are My Hopes

We all want and deserve the opportunity to be happy and healthy, and live in a just world. As your state representative, I will work to:


Ensure people’s health and well-being by improving access to affordable, quality healthcare, investing in services to treat mental health and substance abuse, and shoring up our social safety net.

Build people’s economic security by protecting workers’ rights and wages, making it easier for small businesses to operate, protecting renters, expanding affordable housing and opportunities for home ownership, and fixing our regressive tax system.

Advance environmental justice by engaging communities who are disproportionately impacted by air pollution, water pollution, and toxic hazards in developing solutions that clean up our neighborhoods, create jobs, build a resilient economy, and tackle climate change head on.

Invest in an equitable education system that ensures families have access to quality, affordable childcare, a K-12 system that supports all learners, and post-secondary education pathways that are attainable without a debt burden.

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