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Affordable Housing for All

Our communities are strongest when everyone has a safe, stable home. Unfortunately, this stability is out of reach for many in the 37th district. In particular, Black homeownership has fallen dramatically in King County and our district over the last fifty years. As the CEO of Byrd Barr Place, I see every day the toll that our housing affordability crisis has on our communities. We need policies that ensure families have a place to call home and that a medical bill or crisis is not cause for an eviction or foreclosure. I will champion:

  • Investing heavily in affordable housing: Dedicated progressive forms of revenue are essential to significantly increasing housing stock for low, moderate, and middle-income families and encouraging home ownership.

  • Strengthening renter protections to keep people housed:  Common-sense renter protections, including a moratorium on evictions during this pandemic,  keep families and individuals housed. Such protections are one of the most effective ways to prevent homelessness. 

  • Taking action to prevent displacement: In addition to renter protections, this includes income-based property tax rebates and foreclosure relief and protections.

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