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Hopes Are My Hopes


We all have hopes. We all want – and more importantly deserve – the opportunity to be happy and healthy, and live in a just world.


As your state representative, I will champion your hopes. I will work collaboratively to bring people together, create solutions, and advocate for policies that positively affect us all.


I am eager to hear from you, please send me a note and share your hopes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and compounded the real inequities that many people in our district face every day. I will work to implement an equitable response and recovery plan that centers people most impacted by this crisis.

There is nothing more critical than the health and well-being of our loved ones and families. As your state representative, I will prioritize and promote the physical and mental health of everyone in our communities.

Workers and small, local businesses are the backbone of our local economies. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, it is critical that we protect workers and invest in community businesses through a robust bottom-up approach.

Our communities are strongest when everyone has a safe, stable home. I will champion policies that ensure families have a place to call home and that an unexpected bill or crisis is not cause for an eviction or foreclosure.

Despite being a national leader on important progressive policies, Washington has the most upside-down tax code in the country.  I will work to rebalance our tax code and ensure we have the resources for bold investments in our shared prosperity.

We all deserve access to clean air and safe communities for our families to thrive. I believe that by centering communities most affected, we can clean up neighborhoods, build a resilient economy, and tackle climate change head on.

Access to affordable, high-quality childcare is critical for the well-being of our kids, the financial stability of families, and our strength as a state. I will champion making the investments to ensure affordable childcare is a reality for families.

The rich diversity of our district requires fully funding K-12 education so all kids can succeed in school, work, and life. I will seek equitable funding, integrated trauma-informed care, and investments in post-secondary pathways.

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