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Environmental Justice and

Bold Climate Action

We all deserve access to clean air and safe communities for our families to thrive. However, our neighbors in the 37th district disproportionately experience air and water pollution and proximity to hazardous waste. This is what happens when communities of color and communities with low incomes are excluded from decision-making. I believe that by centering the experiences of those most impacted, we can reverse these effects, build a resilient economy, and take bold action to address climate change. I will champion:

  • Regulating those responsible for emissions: Corporate polluters must be held accountable for dramatically cutting emissions and adopting green energy practices.

  • Investing in a green economy and just transition: We need to move from an extractive economy to one that invests in the long-term health and well-being of our people and planet. By centering those most impacted by our climate crisis, we can put communities to work through green jobs, while protecting our state’s valuable forests, waterways, and unique ecosystems.

  • Investing in clean electricity and transit-oriented community development: Our investments in high-density public and affordable housing must be smartly paired with clean transit-oriented development that will employ neighbors while cutting emissions.

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