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Fixing Our Tax Code

Despite being a national leader on important progressive policies, Washington is known for having the most upside-down tax code in the country. Because of our state’s over reliance on sales and property taxes, low- and moderate-income households pay as much as 18 percent of their income in taxes, while those at the top pay just 3 percent. We need to rebalance our tax code and ensure we have the resources for bold investments in our shared prosperity. I will champion:

  • Rebalancing our upside-down tax code: We can enact common-sense tax reforms to rebalance our outdated and upside-down system and invest in our shared prosperity. This includes closing the tax break on capital gains and corporate tax exemptions.

  • Putting money back in the pockets of working Washingtonians:  We can also put money directly back into working families' pockets. This includes passing a Working Families Tax Rebate, as well as income-based property tax rebates.

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